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If You’re A Patient In Need Of Home Health Care

Aug 16

Home Health Care is medical care delivered in your home to treat a chronic condition or to help you recover from illness, surgery or an injury. It’s often less expensive than care in a hospital or nursing facility. Home health services are usually covered in full or in part by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.

Home healthcare may be provided by nurses, therapists (physical or occupational), social workers and other skilled professionals. Depending on your needs, home health care can include a short-term visit once or twice a week by a nurse to check your blood pressure and temperature and make sure you’re taking your medications correctly, or it may involve ongoing therapy sessions with a physical, occupational or speech therapist at your home. In addition, a dietitian can come to your home to give you dietary advice or to prepare food for you. Medical equipment such as oxygen can also be delivered to your home.

The goal of home healthcare is to teach you how to manage your health at home so that you can avoid costly hospital visits and live as independently as possible. That’s why home health teams are regulated by state law to ensure they provide you with the best possible care. Home health aides can also help with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating and light housework. Generally, these home health aides work under the supervision of a nurse.

If you’re a patient in need of home health care, the first step is to get a physician’s order for the service and then to choose an agency. You can find home health agencies through your doctor or by searching online. There are many registries that list caregivers and give you an overview of their qualifications, areas of expertise and past experiences. It’s a good idea to talk with friends and family who have used a particular home health care agency or program before making your choice. Their firsthand knowledge can be invaluable.

It’s important to choose a Northeast Ohio Home Health Care agency that is Medicare certified. This means that the agency meets the government’s standards for how it hires, trains and supervises its employees and how it delivers home healthcare services to patients. You can ask a home health care agency for their certification status and, in addition, to verify that the agency is licensed by your state.

You should also ask about the agency’s administrator. Most home health agencies have administrators that oversee operations and are responsible for setting policies, managing the agency’s employees, negotiating with insurance companies, ensuring compliance with healthcare laws and more. Be wary of home health agencies that don’t have administrators or who hire people with little experience in the industry. Some states have requirements that require home health agencies to have two administrators rather than one and/or have specialized experience in healthcare management.