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Knowing Effect of Boric Acid Suppositories

Jan 18

Boric acid suppositories are a remedy to help you clear up vaginal yeast infections. When boric acid is applied to the vagina, it helps to clear up vaginal yeast infections. However, if applied in excess, it can also lead to severe internal bleeding.

Boric acid suppositories are useful for women who want to clear up yeast infections. Many women use boric acid suppositories as an alternative to getting prescription medication from their doctor, most often because it is less expensive and easily accessible.

Benefit of boric acid suppositories

However, women need to know that if they apply boric acid in excess quantities than recommended or suggested, they can experience slight to severe internal bleeding. This is because women are not supposed to use more than the suggested amount that women are given by their doctors or after buying boric acid suppositories over the counter.

When women are diagnosed with yeast infections, women are always recommended by their doctors to apply a small amount of boric acid in their vagina, to help clear it up. This is because women with yeast infections have a greater chance of getting herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases; therefore women need to treat their symptoms right away in order to avoid serious health complications and disease.

After women get prescribed boric acid by their doctors, women are told how much of the suppository they should use. Though women can find boric acid in a powder form, women need to use it in the suppository form because the vagina absorbs this medicine better than if women were using it in its powder form.

However, women should be aware that no matter what quantity of boric acid women use, they should not exceed more than 3 doses within a day or 2 doses within a week. If women do exceed this amount then women are at risk of experiencing some serious side effects and health complications, some even leading to death.

If women experience severe internal bleeding, women need to seek medical attention immediately. Women who have used too much boric acid in excess quantities can cause irreparable damage.

How to Use Boric Acid Suppositories

When women are using boric suppositories, women need to be very careful. Women should only use the smallest type of dose at one time, and women should never exceed more than 1 or 2 doses within a day or two.

If women feel like they have not gotten any result after applying boric acid over 5 to 7 days, women need to stop using it and contact their doctors right away.

Though women can find boric acid in the form of powder, women are usually advised to use the suppository form. This is because women absorb boric acid better through their vagina when women use it in its suppository form, rather than when women use it in its powder form.

After women are treated by their doctors, women can follow up with them in order to make sure that women do not have any more vaginal infections or yeast infections. If women continue to use boric acid after receiving treatment from their doctor, women can cause serious side effects and health complications which may be irreversible; especially if women exceed women's dosage.

If women experience any of these side effects, women need to stop using boric acid as an alternative treatment and as a home remedy as quickly as possible.